Making a difference in the community has never been easier

Our donors believe in our students and know that they will one day be active members of this community.  They believe that our teachers and staff are working to teach our students the importance of being active learners, responsible citizens and effective communicators; and they want to be a part of it.

Kauai Homeschool Now Sponsors: Ryan & Molly Graves

Ryan & Molly Graves

Ryan is an American businessman. He is the founder and CEO of Saltwater, formerly the CEO, then SVP of global operations at Uber. Molly is a co-founder of NEAT Method, a lifestyle service committed to providing a more luxurious and smartly appointed living space. Molly, a former Kindergarten teacher, loves supporting education and sees first-hand the importance of alternative education on the North Shore. Ryan and Molly, who now call Kaua’i home, are a valuable asset to this community as they continue to support and dedicate their lives to helping our island home.

Homeschool Now Kauai Sponsor: Erma Gonzalez-Berry

Erma Gonzalez-Berry

Erma is a resident of Utah and has been visiting Kaua’i for years. Finding her passion of helping others and supporting children has led her to support HSN and its drive to educate each child to their fullest capacity. Erma shops and donates supplies to HSN each year to ensure the students have enough paper, pencils, books, art supplies, etc. The Berry ‘ohana have been big supporters since day one and we couldn’t be here without them.

North Shore Preserve

North Shore Preserve Oceanside Ranch refers to approximately 583 acres of land that will include 73 home sites to be developed on Kauai’s north shore between Kilauea and Princeville. East West Partners and The Resort Group have come together to develop this one of a kind community that speaks to Kauai’s north shore lifestyle. A neighborly community where nature is paramount and wellness is seamlessly incorporated into the lifestyle.

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Kauai Homeschool Now Sponsor: The Blackburn Foundation

The Blackburn Foundation

Founded in 1969 in Alexandria, Virginia. The Blackburn Foundation aims to support organizations that enhance today’s society in a positive way and those working towards making the world a better place. The Blackburn Foundation chooses to support HSN as they’re designed to improve education and also have a greater impact on the community. We are proud to support an educational system that allows the children to follow their passion while setting the standards high for this next generation.

Impact the next generation through a life-changing education

Many sponsors choose to remain anonymous. At Homeschool Now Hawaii, we respect all personal rights to privacy.