Changing our world one child at a time
with an education without walls

Many feel that larger public and private school settings are not the perfect fit for every student and teacher. Homeschool Now’s students benefit from personalized instruction, engaging their interests as individuals. This creative approach fosters a new and deeper love of learning in the children with a hands-on, nature-enhanced program allowing children more privatized instruction to reach their highest individual potential.

What They’re Saying

“Our 1st grader loves to learn at Homeschool Now. It’s a perfect balance of fun and structure with most importantly the freedom to be a child. The teachers and administration are a dream team! Proud parents to be a part of this growing place. Thanks to you and all of HSN.”

Jesse Spiller-Reiff1st Grade Parent

“Homeschool Now has been a great experience for our 5th grade son. Since he started he has been enthusiastic about learning and continues to thrive in this environment. I highly recommend this school to all families. Most importantly he’s much happier and not stressed out.”

Steve Grey5th Grade Parent

“Homeschool Now has shown my two children a confidence in not only themselves, but in learning on a deeper level that I was never given. We were “taught” school where at HSN they’re experiencing it with all their senses which makes them always yearning to learn more.”

Daize Goodwin1st and 4th grade parent

“A few weeks ago I asked Ka’ano’i how school was today and she responded, “Mommy I love school so much and I want to give it the biggest hug ever.”

Koral ChandlerKindergarten, 4th & 5th grade parent